Ethan Fugate

I’ve Had Enough

The person suffering from
not knowing

a piano lovely with fanfare
the cooperative

says but never remembering

We managed him to his car
a bit of heat

a bit of non-fiction
some leftover chemicals

a drone hovering
uncertainly, of course.

The honey bees always 
with their wonder

and their multi-lingual change
their river and willow

well I know it’s time
a godawful guitar time

but you know, there’s
recall and enough of all

that muster and background
lovely a never recognized

take, for example, this 
voice, and then close 

the “oh yeah” voice.
I mean, what to do there?

A middle-aged love. I mean,
Go see your hero. Seriously.

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Ethan Fugate lives in Charleston, S.C. with his partner Allison, their three dogs, five chickens, and three colonies of honeybees. Together, they run a broadside series for readings hosted by the Poetry Society of South Carolina.