Boston Gordon

Memorial BBQ

you count on boy
who leaves tooth marks
on tall cans of beer

your friends spend the night
jumping off the roof 
to see who can live longest

cigarettes whistling
behind your diving body
like impromptu firecrackers

by morning you’ve forgotten
how to read
how to spit in public

you laugh
order grease trap
take out

you read sappy poems
to good friends
collect old band-aids

you climb scaffolding
tag windows with 
cartoon birds

wheat-paste over
your own desire
run back to find tooth

marks wait at the bar
get pinned against the wall
slosh your bitter ale on t-shirt

boy hugs you against 
broad frame of body
you hear their tongue

click against their teeth
feel it like getting bitten
cologne like muddled mint

lips sticky from summer 
could drop
to knees & lick

the sweat from their calves
did they gnaw on it
to protect you 

you think
you’ll split
in two

have to trace
the shapes of old 
hitching posts

on walk to
poetry reading
like you can tether 

yourself or be rescued 
by a set of platform pumps
too big for your flat feet

and cotton-polyester socks
stuck to the insides 
you’re falling over

so that you can be
sticky with wanting
the boy to look at you

flash lipstick mouth 
in your ardent direction

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Boston Gordon is a poet and writer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They run the You Can't Kill A Poet reading series, which highlights queer and trans identified writers in Philadelphia. Their work can be found in places such as Bedfellows, Tinderbox, PRISM International, and Guernica.