Michael Hennessey


these dreams swarm like nightingales 
I lost sight of the war, I thought it im-   

possible and yet a natural departure emerges 
let it fall where it will and the pieces   

will scatter like ash across the landscape 
change color, sweeping across the spectrum   

let it be sweet and endless: the work 
belief and practice and love   

no small talk, restarting in water 
a safe arrival to sleep    

all losses cut, nervous but 
happy to be free

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Michael Hennessey is the editor of PennSound and Jacket2, and teaches literature courses and workshops at the University of Cincinnati. His work has appeared in EOAGH, Jacket Magazine, Elective Affinities, Zen Monster, Cross Cultural Poetics, Jupiter 88, Horse Less Review, Noon, Moss Trill, textsound, and Brighton Approach: Gold Edition.