Ayesha Raees

Urgent Telegram to a Time Being

Nuit Blanche 2013

Ai Wei Wei Bicycle Installation

young STOP war STOP darling STOP climb out of what you have dug for yourself grow out of skin peel and worn out STOP denim STOP darling it’s alright STOP ocean is a beautiful place to be since coming to birth in another STOP womb STOP suddenly the niagara falls drain in my mouth hole STOP I hold it back and together on my tongue STOP the train takes me on STOP hello toronto STOP hello dundas square in the fall of 2013 when it was all new and without rust STOP but now the sky squeezes a rupture STOP tries to hide a tear STOP I see Ai STOP Wei STOP Wei STOP piling up bicycles on top of each other without any way to stop STOP I tried to ride off but I was told STOP I was to not pedal off art STOP even for home END

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Ayesha Raees identifies herself as a hybrid creating hybrid poetry through hybrid forms. She currently serves as 2018-2019 Margins Fellow at Asian American Writers' Workshop and has work previously published in The Margins, Cherry Tree, and elsewhere. A graduate from Bennington College, she will be at residence at Millay Colony this fall and can be found tweeting at @skunkbabepoet.