Andrew Rogers

Twin Pop

Zachary just wanted to be good but there was a bat inside him.
It slept most of the time,
an evil sleep.

I watched him make an orchid suffer once.

Our clothesline was eroding back then.
My mother had to reattach it every five minutes
for seven years.
One day my sister hung a banner from it that said
This Is a Metaphor.

Zachary didn’t look any kind of way doing that—
making that orchid suffer—
he looked peaceful in the empty way.

I was suckling
on a limeade twinpop.

Orchids suffer much more silently than do people.
They suffer in the eroding way, like a clothesline.

I broke the two popsicle sticks
off their frozenness
and read them. One said
There is an evil in you.
The other said
This is a metaphor.
I noted that there was perhaps an evil in me.
I gave one of the two popsicles to the evil me.
The evil popsicle didn’t taste any kind of way.
It tasted like lime—
empty in the peaceful way.

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Andrew Rogers is a writer, propagandist, and redhead from Portland, Oregon. He has previously been featured on Open Arts Forum and in Third Point Press, and can be found in an upcoming volume of Lit-Tapes. In his free time he enjoys his free time, enjoyment, etc. His twitter handle is @arogpdx and his insta is @gingerarog.