Judith Roitman

from Invalid

Day 15.

In sun





unmade capacity

indecisive bird

in pine


one branch


impossible to erase.

Day 32.

Why is the foot wet the hand

abraded the pedal

leaking the floor

a menace the thing

scattered the wrong places

the wrong fork his movement behind me.

Day 46.

Whose line whose enjambment what

status shifted kings go here

queens go here

such concentration for the

smallest movement

one molecule at a time

one molecule is all it takes

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Judith Roitman has most recently published in december, Rogue Agent, E.Ratio, The Writing Disorder, Otoliths, Eleven Eleven, Horse Less Review, Talisman and Yew. Her recent chapbooks include Slackline (Hank’s Loose Gravel Press), Furnace Mountain (Omerta), Ku: a thumb book (Airfoil Press) and Two: ghazals (Horse Less Press). Her book No Face: Selected and New Poems (First Intensity) appeared in 2008. Her book Roswell (theenk Books) is scheduled to appear later this year (2018). She lives in Lawrence, KS.