Nicole Callihan

Beachcombing at 44

Blood on the beak of the seagull

That I am too much and not enough

The lapsed thing laps the shore

Blood on Ella’s knee

A pelican in the sea

I write notes to put into bottles

That the bottle holds me

I wave, am waves, am waving

A thousand things I can’t capture

The day’s catch

The fish is still alive

Blood but for how long

That the pulling back is the rush

If the waves are everything, then everything is breaking

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Nicole Callihan’s books include SuperLoop (2014), and the poetry chapbooks: A Study in Spring (with Zoë Ryder White 2015), The Deeply Flawed Human (2016), Downtown (2017), and Aging (2018). Her novella, “The Couples,” will be released by Mason Jar Press in summer 2019. Find her on the web at