Ian Schoultz

Earthshine Limited Funeral


absence / not absences of having / some dead or otherwise

administered loosely so / who-is-knotted circulates among any

tethering / others-wear-others / float off

white paint fills a pale / turns over-

turns eye movement /  issues retraction of-having-otherwise

incomplete nations / whole bodies



, light imitates pressure / the way you grow
into season        

          / god parts

me a roost       dialed up
a cow                 a pal
a past milking              the drapery sheen

, light imitates pressure
what do you make of our             chances

your beached body

can live thru it


puddle the street

, light imitates pressure /

 osmosis     a temporary pairing
current inwards

we began to dry out bodies

, light imitates pressure /     object of red           release of full
motion        cut the line
from the buoyed fish skin              sing a vulture         sing it sluices
the gutters the sewers the lakes the rivers the evaporated eyeball     

 , sing siren sing the

                          thing and

 and other

, light imitates pressure /          brought my skin

the reliquary with the most good

  premonitions cooking

over over    it

          is a course of

                                    similar / shade

  filling shelves your current options

  lay the day and flesh


  eventual froth

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Ian Schoultz recently finished his MFA at Louisiana State University. His work has appeared in Aberration Labyrinth and is forthcoming in Always Crashing. He lives in Baton Rouge with his significant other and hyperactive black lab puppy.