Dan Machlin


Your modicum
of understanding — evening

several things you
thought you’d lost, a
ring, a cat, an old
friend are merely misplaced

People are hiking in
the leftover space near train tracks,
a woman snaps a photo
of an old abandoned house
as you view her going by from afar —

a relativity that reminds
you of translation — a bit
of loss each time
digital media is copied

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Dan Machlin‘s books and chapbooks include Dear Body: (Ugly Duckling), 6×7 (Ugly Duckling), and This Side Facing You (Heart Hammer). His work has appeared in SplitLevel Journal, The Recluse, BOMB, Brooklyn Rail, Figuring Color (ICA Boston), and at Poetry Foundation. He was a 2012-2013 LMCC Workspace writing fellow and has received awards from CLMP/Jerome Foundation and Fund for Poetry. He is also the Founder and Executive Editor of Futurepoem books.