Bronwen Tate

To Acknowledge Damage

One year
fearless she stumbles
top lip tooth-cut
             her suck
mingles milk and blood


Stirring damsons
steam and garnet
a friend’s sudden rupture
                       how suture
that longing to cradle



To See What’s There


Plastic owl perched
on a baseball fence
in the park
            your dark
wings then flew


Sonoma moonrise
full tomorrow          sun burns red
             against the ridge
             Cross the bridge
slow fog engulfed



For What Fingers Touch


Knuckle prickles
purl then pick
rough twig or grass
    a sheep brushed past
now shorn      spun yarn


We wind the wool
small son spins slow
             let baby sleep
    pinch here to keep
the tension steady

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Bronwen Tate is an assistant professor of Writing and Literature at Marlboro College, a tiny radically egalitarian educational utopia buried in snow in southern Vermont. She is the author of six poetry chapbooks, most recently Vesper Vigil (above/ground, 2016). Her poems and essays have appeared in the Journal of Modern Literature, 1111, Denver Quarterly, LIT, TYPO, and elsewhere.