Becca Klaver

Spell for the Future


swipe a time machine

instaconjure a feeling

 “look, I made my day
                       so old”

that it’s already over

 once you make it real—


does the wish to be “in life”

                  want to move to 

Detroit?           Milwaukee


The Female Gaze


  Obsessive & sensual

         but I don’t want to say

   closer to the body

                     as if women

  scuffed hooves  

     in a pen


             or as if the brain

    weren’t a moldable


Where she saw blue


              I imagine

    a lighthouse


         ghost ships

  where others see none

                 but as if

  the fingertips were

(tics in the dark)

  doing the looking

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Becca Klaver is the author of two books of poetry—Empire Wasted (Bloof Books) and LA Liminal (Kore Press)—and several chapbooks. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, she holds degrees in literature and creative writing from the University of Southern California (BA), Columbia College Chicago (MFA), and Rutgers University (PhD). A teacher, editor, scholar, podcaster, and community gatherer, she is currently the Robert P. Dana Emerging Writer Fellow at the Cornell College Center for the Literary Arts and lives in Iowa City, IA.