Amy Saul-Zerby

SLAA is for lovers

the speaker on the flier
for the conference on
your phone is saying

and i will. i love change so much
i’m re-naming it “sex”
my five year plan is accruing
interest. it is now a five year

thirty-eight week and
five day plan, and counting.
aging is going to be great,
i mean, it’s going great.

my thirties are so much better
than my twenties in that
who gives a fuck told the chef
at the restaurant i would spend

my day off doing netflix and
nothing and forgot to do
either but wrote about my
mental health on facebook

that local graffiti artist
keeps tagging everything
& hard same. and big

mood. and i don’t know
i just fucking agree.
lin-manuel asks
how do you write like you’re

running out of time
and i guess i’m just saying
i wasn’t aware that there
were other ways to write

and i guess i’m just saying
we literally are, and i guess
i’m just saying what are you up to
and you’re saying “is this foreplay”

and i’m saying yes
and i’m saying yes
and i’m saying yes. 

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Amy Saul-Zerby is the author of two poetry collections, Paper Flowers Imaginary Birds (Be About It Press, 2017) and Deep Camouflage (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2018). Her poems have appeared in The Rumpus, The Chicago Review of Books, Maudlin House, Peach Magazine, Luna Luna, and Painted Bride Quarterly.  She is editor-in-chief of Voicemail Poems and author of the Notable Philadelphia column at The Rumpus.